BADLAND 2 Apk v1.0.0.1053

By | 23/02/2017

BADLAND 2 v1.0.0.1053 Apk is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store: The sequel of renowned game Badland’s latest version has come with extra advanced features. Get ready to save yourself from flying magma, water, flamethroweres and more.



BADLAND 2 v1.0.0.1037 Apk


  • A SINGLE PLAYER campaign with deviously imaginative levels
    * Internet connection not required for single player
  • Intuitive two-touch controls combined with innovative level design
  • Highly immersive audiovisual gaming experience – best enjoyed with headphones
  • Google Play and Google Cloud support
    * Progress synced between all linked devices
  • Achievements & online leaderboards
  • More content coming soon
    * The original BADLAND is one of the most updated Android games of all time

The award-winning BADLAND took side scrollers to the next level with its innovative physics-based gameplay combined with stunning, atmospheric graphics and audio. BADLAND 2 takes that further with a lot of new features, crazy levels, online events and even more stunning graphics than in the original.

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Level Optimization
Minor bug fixes
BADLAND 2 Download Link
BADLAND 2 v1.0.0.1010 APK
BADLAND 2 v1.0.0.1011 APK
BADLAND 2 v1.0.0.1013 APK
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BADLAND 2 v3.2.0.23 APK
BADLAND 2 v1.0.0.1025 APK
BADLAND 2 v1.0.0.1037 APK

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