Block City Wars v5.2 Apk

Block City Wars is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store: Welcome to the unlimited open world where the genuine war is going! Steady engagements amongst criminals and cops, blasts, mafia and police – that is Block Сity Wars about.

Block City Wars

Welcome to the Block City!

Finish unthinkable missions, drive cool autos, parkour, pulverize distinctive foes (even zombies and furious beasts) or simply do what you wanna do! Look at third individual shooter in the colossal megalopolis with top high rises and army installation. Play multiplayer mode on the huge guide with your companions!


  • online modes: Sandbox and PVP Deathmatch
  • singleplayer mode – Adventure! Take Jobs and missions, pass them and grab cash!
  • Huge megalopolis with several districts – 10 PVP maps: Old city, Port, China Town, Military Base and others.
  • Play with your friends from all around the world (use online chat)
  • drive cool cars, flight via jet pack and helicopters!
  • participate great shooting assault with tanks, APC and BTR!
  • Great variety of weapons and guns: M16, Ak47, MINIGUN, Sniper rifle, RPG, Knives, Katana and many more!
  • use hero room to choose one of the custom skins. Choose the favorite skin or skins and fight!
  • awesome pixel graphics with dynamic light.

Attention! It is not an official Mojang app. It doesn’t affiliated with Minecraft game!


The most powerful game changes within the last 2 years!
Sandbox mode has been radically changed! Reputation is citywide now, so the higher your reputation is, the more prizes you get
The new system of Leagues and Cups! The more frags, the more cups; the more cups, the more successful your League is!
The download speed of the game and game modes has been increased twofold.
New terrifying content for Halloween:
– Zombie grenade
– Pumpkin launcher
– Catafalque
– Bloody machete
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Block City Wars