DEAD TARGET 2 v1.0.162 Apk

DEAD TARGET 2 1.0.162 Apk is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store: Year 2072, the world is encompassed by zombies. The human needs to live underground or inside deserted structures. There is a gathering of survivors names MPS-16 who needs to assemble other living one. They are making a trip the world over to discover supplies and survivors.


There is a news from enacted radio said that a few researchers are living out there. So the MPS-16 goes out to spare those researchers with the trust that a drug can be made to spare humankind. Dead Valley in the Middle East is an objective for this extraordinary unsafe trip.

An exhibition hall of history is the place the group gets caught by numerous zombies at the first run through of the experience. MPS-16 needs to battle about night with few quantities of provisions and weapons. There is a mystery has been found after that night which make the group firmly trust in their objective. A genuine voyage starts right then and there.

Dead Target 2: Zombie is an extraordinary FPS diversion with:

– Massive number of weapons which can bring you genuine encounters

– Enjoy the practical 3D characters and situations

– You can pick your best colleagues and weapons for your strategy

– There are number of character’s aptitude and weapon’s impact

– Defend your base and battle with different adversaries around the globe

– Saving other survivor for the fight to come and finding new supplies and weapons

– Facing with numerous sorts of unsafe zombies and Bosses


– Realistic lighting and surface present characters, zombies, firearms and situations

– Characters have diverse looks and aptitude framework give more adaptable procedure

– Guns can see in 3D mode and can redo with many parts

– Zombies and Bosses have more practices and capacities


– Characters are isolated into various classes with remarkable abilities.

– Appearances and abilities depend on class which bring the diverse for every character

– Each class and utilize just a single sort of weapon and adequately against one sort of zombie

– Character can be stepped up and the irregularity is characterized by the quantity of begins


– The zombies are to a great degree unsafe with numerous sorts of practices and capacities

– The Boss resembles a monster and can grab any animals close to it

– There are constantly new sort of zombies, which show up in new areas

– Choosing right firearms can bring down zombies speedier


– Many sorts of firearm can be seen in 3D angle

– Gun can be redone with different parts

– Special impacts make the weapon the more grounded and more powerful.

– Gun can haphazardly discover in the amusement with a change to get most grounded firearm


– Player has change to shield and battle with another rivals far and wide

– Protect your own base and decimate other working to get sustenances and powers.

– There is a positioning framework to think about all players.


– Player can go through many spots to discover supplies and survivor

– There are various areas with new difficulties and zombies

– Each place contains a mystery which sitting tight to reveal

– Player needs to set up a decent technique for every guide.



The overhaul is coming! Prepare, each survivor!

• Support more gadgets.

• Optimize the diversion to decrease slack and RAM use.

• Now Player can change the Sensitivity in the Settings Menu.

• Rebalance the trouble of some Campaign Missions and increment the Challenge Rewards.

• In PVP, The Refresh Button now has a cooldown time.

• Improve the FPS feeling: first individual weapon position, shot trail, zombie display,…

• Add client’s ID into Setting menu

• Improve login framework with Android ID

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