For Rent: Haunted House v1.1.3 APK

For Rent: Haunted House 1.1.3 APK is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store: It’s an intuitive novel, where your decisions decide how the story continues. For instance, when your inhabitants, who haven’t dozed in days because of bone-chilling whispers radiating from the dividers, request that break their rent, do you:

For Rent: Haunted House

A) Let them exchange their rent to another property?

B) Allow them to break the rent, however keep their security store?

C) Insist on adhering to the terms of the rent?

D) Boldly examine, similar to every one of the casualties in awful blood and guts movies?

In what capacity will you swindle your occupants? Will you disregard badly arranged otherworldly marvels, or utilize them to find exposure? In what capacity will you manage phantom seekers, squatters, and big name inhabitants? Will you rise as the top specialist? Organize an office overthrow? On the other hand will you turn into a perpetual occupant of 57 Crowther Terrace?

(This diversion used to be called “Frightful Estate Agent,” before we changed the name.)

What’s in this variant :

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Requires :Android 2.3 and up


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For Rent: Haunted House