Frecce Tricolori Flight Sim v1.0 APK

Frecce Tricolori Flight Sim 1.0 APK is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store:¬†Because of a creative guiding framework, you can attempt every one of the tricks that made the FRECCE TRICOLORI acclaimed the world over. With three diversion modes, you can encounter the excite of a genuine military pilot as indicated by your expertise. You believe you’re truly a specialist? Attempt the reproduction mode and push your reflexes to the most extreme!

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Frecce Tricolori Flight Sim

Attempt the aerobatic test system of the formally authorized ITALIAN AIR FORCE AEROBATIC TEAM.


Find every one of the insider facts of the moves with the 3D preparation, take finish control and direct with the right planning on the rudder pedals, case, and smoke trail discharge! Attempt two-situate flying preparing on board the Italian MB339 PAN and make every one of the figures of the program: ” CUORE,” ” APERTURA DELLA BOMBA,” the new ” SCINTILLA” and all the best of the PAN repertory.

Presently you can enter inside the cockpit as solo and play out a “Circling” to acclimate yourself with your air ship and after that utilization all your adrenaline in progressively difficult and complex moves until flying in development: “CARDIOIDE” “APOLLO 313‚Ä≥ and “ARIZONA,” are only a couple of cases of all the conceivable shapes that you will be called upon to perform, covering all parts of the genuine FRECCE TRICOLORI pilots.


Arrange your airshow, pick official tricks voluntarily in reliably imitated situations: Rivolto (IT), RAF Fairford (UK), Terracina (IT) and Manerba del Garda (IT). Your definitive objective is to finished every one of the exhibitions, with most extreme flexibility of decision, for every development you choose what part to play among 10 PONIES.


Make your aerobatic figures! Openly position the flying machines inside the situation; choose whether to begin with a low elevation flight or at high heights and after that take control of the flying machine. Nose up, circle the circle, light a smoke trail, fly as you prefer, and when you’re fulfilled end the recording session. Get astounding blends that you can play as in Maneuver mode and remember with reminiscent shots of camera replays.

Pilot training program

Find the REAL WORLD innovation and begin arranging your flight!

Get to our GLOBAL route framework and FLIGHT PLAN with more than 500 AIRPORTS, DAY and NIGHT CYCLE, climate, and mapping with AIR SPACES and more than 8,000 WAYPOINTS.

Gone ahead load up and fly with the Italian aviation based armed forces flying machine AERONAUTICA MILITARE ITALIANA.


The framework tell how exact you have been, attempt to get impeccable at all phases of the move for increment your score. Demonstrate you are a TOP PILOT; attempt the 18 OFFICIAL FIGURES to win the AIRSHOW award in each situation!


Gain from pilots by looking through their documents and investigate the points of interest of the flying machine inside the 3D shed.


  • Airplane: MB339 PAN, EUROFIGHTER*, TORNADO*, F-104 STRAIGHTER* (recorded flying machine)
  • Creative development flying and helped directing framework
  • All the official figures of the FRECCE TRICOLORI; assumed in different parts
  • All setups: ROMBO, PIRAMIDONE, CIGNO, CALICE and so forth
  • Uncommon MANEUVERS: Immelmann turn, Cuban Eight, Split-S and so forth
  • AIRSHOW: Complete a genuine execution with a custom succession of moves
  • Outlines: Create your own custom aerobatic figure
  • Pilot training program with WORLDWIDE TERRAIN and NAVIGATION SYSTEM *
  • Reasonable climate conditions with wind, rain, snow and lightning, and timetable determination
  • 3D Virtual Cockpit with coordinated instrumentation, rain/snow impact and other 6 amusement visuals
  • Genuine 3D HD TECHNOLOGY Scenarios
  • 3D Briefing show for simple comprehension of the move
  • Creative help framework with three trouble levels to suit both apprentices and experienced pilots
  • Precise direction estimation framework for score assessment
  • Best world execution rankings
  • Multi-camera replay with element sees
  • Shelter with exploratory region
  • Dish Section meet pilots

Requires :Android 4.1 and up


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Frecce Tricolori Flight Sim