Heroes of Loot 2 v1.1.4 b27 APK

Heroes of Loot 2 1.1.4 b27 APK is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store: After their employment, of keeping the prisons in adjust, was done, our saints required another occupation. Wandering the terrains they found a call for saints, a palace in need, conceivable even a lady in trouble?

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Heroes of Loot 2

Pick two legends to take into the experience, controlling both saints and utilizing their extraordinary abilities to explore the perilous mansion foyers, rooms and floors.Switching between the two characters to unravel journeys, perplexes, and obviously clear the cells of all abhorrent.


Missions – The prison is brimming with issues, we should call them journeys. These issues go from straightforward “locate a key” to “utilize enchantment forces to light all enchantment candles and open the mystical door”. Distinctive sorts of journeys require diverse arrangements. Utilize the abilities of the characters in your gathering to finish these missions.

Weapons – Your characters are your principle weapons. The Elf shoots his bolts through various beasts, the Wizard has boundless enchantment, the Warrior has an intense skirmish assault with his mallet, and the Valkyrie other than having a fast turning scuffle assault can likewise recognize insider facts and vital plunder. The characters can level up to expand their capability, or find uncommon plunder which upgrades your character for brief timeframes. This incorporates enchantment spells!

Privileged insights – Find mystery rooms, level-skipping transports, mystery things, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Perma-things – You will have the capacity to open enchantment spells by gathering 4 shards of different enchantment books.

When all shards are gathered the enchantment is opened. It’s likewise conceivable to expand the quality of this enchantment by gathering the enchantment shards different times. Every single opened spell will remain opened even after you kick the bucket, making you all the more capable on your future endeavors to achieve the last supervisor.

What’s in this form :

overhaul to attempt and settle the samsung-solidify issue (created by soundpool bug on Samsung devices*)

Samsung + Freeze issues: kill the sound-impacts or move up to Android 6+ (it’s a known sound bug in Samsung gadgets, google for samsung+freeze)

Requires :Android 2.3 and Up

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Heroes of Loot 2 v1.1.4 APK