Jungle Clash v1.0.6 Apk

Jungle Clash (Updated: Oct 28, 2016) is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store: Jungle Clash is another online system diversion with element constant PvP fights and dazzling MOBA components. Gather an extraordinary deck of your best-adored contenders, heavily clad vehicles and barriers from the versatile hit Jungle Heat, crush adversary Towers into chips and accomplish sublime triumphs in a drawing in battle with opponents from all around the globe!

Jungle Clash

Jungle Clash v1.0.6 Apk

The circumstance is very perilous and this earnest report from the theater of military operations serves as immediate confirmation. “Recently we heard interesting sounds originating from the heart of the wilderness – clearly some savage fights are always seething there. Our scouts quit returning to our base for reasons unknown and Captain Blood has requested huge amounts of popcorn rather than new rifles and shells… ” It appears to be something genuinely astounding is going ahead over yonder. It’s the best minute for a sudden assault – charge and join fierce battles in the wilderness where no one but you can have any kind of effect!

>Dozens of tactical options and collectible cards!
Collect and upgrade the cards of many available units boasting unmatched sets of skills, form your own strong decks and engage in fast and spectacular card wars, where the tide of every battle can be reversed in a split second.

>Entertaining and exciting gameplay
Drive your fighters to conquer enemy Towers, make a good use of your devastating armored vehicles and bring your General’s defense to the maximum level.

>Dynamic real-time PvP combat!
Challenge thousands of players, who are always ready to fight for the jungle treasures.

Fast paced short PvP Tournaments. Winner gets valuable prizes, such as diamonds and other valuables. One tournament lasts not more than 15 minutes.

Collect and upgrade your own Generals. This will bring in some unique gameplay elements and more strategic options.

>Form clans and play with friends!
Create an invincible clan with your friends, share your achievements and loot with them, defeat your rivals in each clash of clans and take highest places in every combat using your best tactics and intellect!

Lovers of strategy war games, rejoice! The time of heroic battles and exciting duels has come! Long live explosions, fire and napalm! Become the first, the strongest, the greatest!


– More bonus chests! Pile up your collection of cards from the new bonus chests
– Share your achievements with your friends on Facebook
– Optimization and bug fixes
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