Kill Shot Bravo v2.7 Apk

Kill Shot Bravo 2.7 Apk is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store: Welcome to the chief first individual shooter encounter for cell phones and tablets. The time has come to stack out your weapons and get your 5-star FPS settle!

Kill Shot Bravo

Arm yourself with destructive professional killer expert rifleman weapons, ambush rifles, assault rifles and the most recent military apparatus to finish clandestine battle missions somewhere inside foe region!


More than 200 MISSIONS

Prepared as a Special Forces trooper you will explore mystery missions over the globe, killing antagonistic strengths that obstruct a quiet world.

From guerrilla battle in wilderness mountain extents, to recon missions on Mediterranean islands, you’ll venture to the far corners of the planet looking for fear dangers.

Lay hold of vehicles to turn the tide of fight! Explore shut quarter battle down slender rear ways in the back of a jeep, or take out threatening dangers via air in risky helicopter missions!

Finish rupture missions to enter possessed structures and clear them of any risk! Survive an all out adversary assault in multiplayer ambush missions and outshoot your rival.

Travel through situations to locate the best expert sharpshooter vantage focuses and take the exceedingly essential Kill Shot!

Visit more characterized areas in your chase to dispense with adversary dangers. You are the bleeding edge of front line guard against the most unsafe dangers to world security!


Experience diverse adversary sorts each with their own particular qualities and battle targets.

Search out and kill Flying Drones, Exo-Suit Soldiers, Mechs, Heavy Gunners, Enemy RPGs, Marksmen, Riflemen, and Commando Bombers.


Test your expertise against other genuine sharpshooters in live positioned Player Verses Player coordinates in PVP mode!

Be the seeker before you are the chased!

Utilize your warmth meter to zone in on the foe risk.

Discover your objective. Focus. Fire!


This time you won’t battle alone! Manufacture intense organizations together with different players and help each other to be fruitful finishing the high hazard missions.

Find and murder foes with bounties on their heads before they can get away!

Companions can go along with you on missions, recognizing the objectives and helping you to end foes.

Full Chat work in amusement to permit strategic talks with different players.


Tweak your symbol and inspire Perks to help in the fight!

Open and prepare cool Gear, including caps, regalia, body protection, goggles, facemasks, gloves, boots, and the sky is the limit from there.

Get a crisp Kill Shot minute with each triumph! Presently YOU get the opportunity to control the Kill Shot camera as the last round zooms towards its objective for a definitive hit!


Go after high scores alone or with your Alliance against restricting Alliances.

Win Achievements for flaunting your savage sharpshooter aptitudes.

Go up against week after week Quests to win extra prizes and accomplishments

Murder Shot is appraised 17+ and contains visit/serious sensible viciousness. By downloading this application you are consenting to be bound by the terms and states of Hothead’s Terms of Use ( and are liable to Hothead’s Privacy Policy ( strategy).

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