League of Stickman- Shadow APK v3.1.2

League of Stickman- Shadow 3.1.2 APK is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store: The League of Stickman the most adventurous game of this year with excellent new features where you can eliminate your enemies and beat them. This is the only game u shouldnot miss this year.

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League of Stickman


It is the most predicted game of the year 2015 , In this game u can experience the new world with amazing features eg Double hits levitation & Brutal combos. Play the Game and Enjoy.

You can unlock new characters and heroes of your own choice and create a team . You can also join groups in order to combat others like Monster king BOSS. So create your own team and begin fighting.

The game includes very high quality and attractive graphics .

You can now change your characters and customize their skills. You can experience the best fighting game like never before.


League of Stickman - screenshotLeague of Stickman - screenshot
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League of Stickman- Shadow