Lightning Launcher APK v14.1.1

Lightning Launcher v14.1.1 APK is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store: This is a super-charged, “All In One” adaptation of Lightning Launcher. LL is a quick, light and to a great degree adaptable home screen substitution for Android!

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Lightning Launcher:

Lightning Launcher eXtreme is the launcher of decision for individuals who needs a margarine smooth, light on memory and tailor-made home screen substitution.

This is a definitive package, no bargain, still as quick and light as LL, yet essentially the most effective and configurable launcher for Android.

LLX is a vitamined form of LL, with the accompanying increments:

Improved application drawer, with the capacity to make envelopes, stow away applications, change the style in all ways, see running applications, most as often as possible utilized, as of late introduced, guide alternate routes to slaughter or uninstall applications… and more !

Bolster for arranging up to 100 distincts desktops, with adaptable name and symbol, with the end goal of dealing with various independant setups (individual, proficient, for children, and so on.)

Worked in configurable informing warnings (profoundly adjustable identification for sms, missed calls, new gmails)

Application executioner accessible from all around: long tap on a symbol, select slaughter, et voilà.

Worked in per desktop backdrop, accessible in the application drawer as well.


With its wide arrangement of alternatives and switches, Lightning is a standout amongst the most adjustable launcher, though maybe not the least demanding to design yet ! Concurred, as most capable apparatuses, Lightning has an expectation to absorb information. In any case, isn’t that a little cost to pay to get the most energizing and novel home screen 😉 Join the group to get tips and traps !

LLX is a superset of LL and completely supplant it: on first utilize it will import all information from LL, and LL can securely be uninstalled. Abstain from utilizing both in the meantime, this is befuddling as applications will appear to be identical !

LLX no longer backings old LL gadgets. The reason is that these components are currently inherent: modules are not required any longer. Despite everything they work however I won’t answer asks for about them.

The out of date Screen Switcher Widget (SSW) will keep on working when imported from a current LL setup, however it’s utilization is unequivocally demoralized on the grounds that all Screen Switcher components are presently incorporated into LLX. The old Screen Switcher gadget design screen is not upheld any longer and won’t work in conjunction with LLX claim arrangement screen.

Requires : Android 2.0 and up

Lightning Launcher - screenshot
Lightning Launcher - screenshotLightning Launcher - screenshotLightning Launcher - screenshot

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