Parallyzed v1.8.2 Apk

Parallyzed 1.8.2 Apk is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store:*** Finalist in the Google Play Indie Games Festival Parallyzed is an environmental experience platformer with remarkable gameplay, set in a dim and charming dreamscape.



Parallyzed v1.7.1 Apk: Blue and Red are profoundly associated twin sisters with altogether different identities, capacities, and traits. One day, in a snapshot of desire, Red pushes Blue off a swing, deadening her. Crushed, Red acknowledges she can enter Blue’s brain and, cooperating, help her sister rise up out of the extreme lethargies and come back to cognizant existence.

You play both sisters at the same time. Red and Blue can swap bodies whenever. Help them advance through an ever-troublesome, spooky scene that continues attempting to obstruct their advance. Every sister’s shading and size must defeat the shading and size of every measurement’s hindrances.

Tap the privilege of the screen to swap, left to hop.

Part your psyche in two and lose all sense of direction in the parallel magnificence of Parallyzed!


– Major balance improvements
– Bug fixes
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