Pocket Troops v1.20.0 Apk

Pocket Troops 1.20.0 Apk is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store: Pocket Troops is the most feel-great war amusement ever. Enroll tenderfoots, prepare them hard, outfit with uncommon aptitudes and weapons. Venture into the fight with a huge number of different players around the world!

Pocket Troops

As the Commander of this cumbersome unit, your part is to enlist and prepare troopers one by one. They will battle and act in the way you prepare and prepare them in HQ, controlled by their own particular AI.

Cross your fingers and cheer for your squad! Fights happen in short and appealing sessions. It’s an immaculate chomp measured amusement to play in a car influx, when sitting tight for somebody or yawning…

Fundamental FEATURES

  • Enlist, prepare and charge your own super-trooper armed force.
  • Kick other Commanders’ arses worldwide and assemble the plunder.
  • Remain against Evil, Professor Evil, and the armed force of his flunkies.
  • Twelve testing missions with startling storyline turns.
  • Redesign and secure your Headquarters. Your Base. Your Fortress. All things considered, you got it…
  • Six one of a kind trooper classes with amazing aptitudes.
  • Huge choice of weapons and hardware. Our top choices are Stone, Molotov Cocktail, Lewis Gun and Laser Rifle.
  • In the HQ you have all that you require:
  • Exercisers in the Gym to pump iron and make Rockies out of your newbies.

Money Printing Device for the individuals who have huge spendings. Unlawful? Nope, no one let us know that. It is only for pocket cash.

No one bites the dust in Pocket Troops. Angle tank and first rate Hospital hardware will help your troopers recoup from any wounds.

Day Room moves up to give solace and accommodation to unwind in the middle of fights.

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Pocket Troops