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Roll in the Hole is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store: Meet PoPo, the pudgy panda who can’t get enough frozen yogurt. Envision his astound when he wakes after a mid year rest to locate the brazen gorilla Uggi has stolen his frigid treats! Roll the round little bear around every level and pursue Uggi to the gap. You’ll need to pick the best course on the off chance that you need to gather all you’re missing desserts however.

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Roll in the Hole v1.20.00 APK free Download for Android: Come in the Hole may look super adorable yet there’s all that could possibly be needed test and fresh riddles here to keep players of any age engaged in this super-addictive, family-fun enterprise!


  • Astounding LEVEL DESIGN – 72 staggeringly differed and amusing to-play levels where grass, sand and ice will influence PoPo’s roll. Ace your surroundings to remain in the amusement!
  • Culminate CONTROLS
-Playing as PoPo is a breeze, instinctive control of turn and bearing implies that anybody can have a go, you’ll be a characteristic after only a few moments. Press either side of the screen or tilt the gadget.
-Follow the diverting story that takes PoPo from the wilderness into space!
  • Magnetic CHARACTERS
-Control PoPo on his enterprise and meet charming characters Uggi the Gorilla and Zappi the Alien.
  • Diverting SOUNDS
-Cute and clever sound impacts will put a grin all over as you skip and roll your way through the abnormal and superb universes.

What’s in this Version:

  • The Halloween-themed Rock world sends PoPo to a sugarcoated leave to recuperate significantly more appropriated frozen yogurts. While getting a charge out of the shade of a witch’s cap, PoPo must watch out for disintegrating rocks that debilitate to drop him outside of anyone’s ability to see.
  • Pick up the pace on the grounds that Puffi the Dragon flitters overhead, holding up to scarf up the treats if PoPo is too moderate.

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