Zombie Castaways v1.9 APK

Zombie Castaways 1.9 APK  is an apk application and Game for android on Google play store: The universe of zombies is unfathomable, splendid, and brimming with entertaining characters. Investigate heavenly islands and advance through the bushes to make a stride nearer to illuminating the Zombie’s mystery. Develop irregular plants, organic products, and blossoms to cook Zombium. Develop world acclaimed structures, finish errands, and improve your island to end up a Human and discover your Love.

Zombie Castaways

Zombie Castaways v1.6.1 APK

70 million players around the globe play the diversion in 15 dialects.

An inviting zombie goes gaga for a young lady and sets off in scan for Zombium to end up a Human.

In the diversion you’ll discover different zombie-specialists helping you clear the island and assemble a town, for example, woodcutters, stoneminers, anglers, treasure seekers and cooks. You’ll have the capacity to collect many one of a kind plants and make awesome mixtures. You can go to various islands looking for new fortunes with a specific end goal to achieve the Ancestors’ Land, turn into a Human, and after that arrival to the city of individuals and discover your Love.


Friends, the adventure continues:
– Two brand-new islands with exciting tasks and rich treasures await you!
– Complete all quests on the Mad Island, build the pier and set out to the Uninhabited Island, the home of the lonely Rombison.
– Repair Rombison’s ship, reach the Pirate Island and find the untold riches of gentlemen of fortune.
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